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Programs and Services

Your contact to P&A System, Inc. does not create a contract nor does it establish a lawyer-client relationship.

The Wyoming P&A office employs attorneys and other professional staff who provide a variety of services.

The following are the nine federal programs administered by Wyoming’s Protection & Advocacy System, Inc.

Protection and Advocacy for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Program
Phone: 307 632-3496 (Assistance Requests Only: 800-624-7648)

Protection & Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness Program
Phone: 307-635-7817 (Assistance Requests Only: 800-654-7972)

The Client Assistance Program
Phone: 307-638-7668 (Assistance Requests Only: 800-821-3091)

Protection & Advocacy of Individual Rights Program
Phone: 307-632-3497 (Assistance Requests Only: 800-632-3491)

Protection & Advocacy for Assistive Technology Program
Phone: 307-632-2675 (Assistance Requests Only: 800-280-4922)

Protection & Advocacy for Beneficiaries of Social Security
Phone: 307-635-7819 (Assistance Requests Only: 877-854-5041)

Protection & Advocacy for Voter Access Program
Phone: 307-632-2682 (Assistance Requests Only: 877-249-6167)

Protection & Advocacy for Persons with Traumatic Brain Injury Program
Phone: 307-632-3498 (Assistance Requests Only: 877-704-9382)

P&A also administers a federal program under the “Strengthening Protections
for Social Security Beneficiaries Act of 2018″.

Description of Services and Eligibility Requirements:

General Policy on Case Acceptance

FY 2024 Priorities

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